Alter Structure

Under the alias Alter Structure, the interest lies in exploring the synergy and metamorphosis between man, nature, and machine.  These experiments create a language with electronic music at its core, and radiates into the fields of dance, visuals, exhibitions, and motorcycle culture.  There is an idea of trust, in the continuation of the mystery.

Under long-term development and construction are two films:

Man Kind - a motorcycle film in tandem with an audio album that finds itself continually reforming the more I seek to create and extract the music that can express the heart of the motorcycle journey and the chase for wind.  The experience borders on the arcing edge of life and death.  Its ferocious, its fierce, its violent, its technical, its beautiful.  The environments are alive, and the rider forms a trust with both the machine and the road.  However, there is also an insanity born from hurling inside the barrel of massive and soaring animated landscapes.  Space and time merge as one, and although intuition guides the placement of the wheels upon the surface, a mathematical force formulates the position and demands an understanding of horizontal and vertical planes within the axis of topography.  There are many actions and reactions, emotions, and processes while riding.  My hope is to examine and translate this ephemera into digital material, and realize these "frozen moments" into a conceptual film.

New audio being composed in synchronous.


The second film project, is an intensive filming of passages through diverse natural terrain with Butoh dancer and choreographer Stephanie Lanckton, as we examine the vocabulary and communication between sound, nature, and the dancing body.